About SolStats

SolStats was started by Charles after he looked into installing solar panels on his roof.

Charles comments:

"When I started considering solar I had simple questions in mind: How much electricity can I generate from putting solar panels on my roof and what would this be worth?

When I looked at the information that was available to people considering solar, I found three challenges.

Firstly websites ask questions like: What is the area of your roof? What is the orientation of your roof to North? I certainly didn't know the answer to these questions for my roof.

Secondly, the information provided is often very generic - based on average UK data. But there is a huge difference between the electricity generated by a solar panel in London and a solar panel in Aberdeen!

And finally, websites typically request a lot of information about you before you get anything back from them."

That's where SolStats can help. The site lets you identify your actual roof and calculates the solar energy the roof receives in a typical year. This is then converted into estimated annual savings from installing solar panels using the latest government tariff data. Best of all, the service is free and consumers receive a custom report emailed to them within a few seconds of using the website.

We encourage solar panel installers to use our SolStats reports to promote their services to you. This is why you will see adverts on our reports - these are paid for by installers and this is how we keep the website free for consumers.

We hope you enjoy using the SolStats service. Please email us with any comments or suggestions.

Customer Comments

"Impressive web site! It works very well." - Dom

"Very easy user interface and genuinely generates the report immediately" - Annabel

"Works great... Report looks really good" - Tom

"very impressed with how little effort I've had to make to get all that info for free :)" - Babs

"I liked it so much that I plonked 20 panels on my roof yesterday. To cap it all it's a beautiful sunny morning so there's plenty of juice to keep the Stella fridge cold for tomorrow." - Andy

"Very cool. I checked out for my flat. Looks like I could make megabucks by setting up a small solar farm on my roof." - Rob

"I love the website... what a great idea." - Ray

"That's awesome! It worked very well for me, even though we have a flat roof" - Ollie

"Love the report - very clever stuff." - Simon

"Great idea - exactly the kind of thing that will drive business in the sector" - Tim

"The fact that I can look at my home for reference not some show home really opens up the possibilities" - John

"This is a great tool to vet what PV installers are saying & it's free!!" - Alan