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About My Yacht App

  • Distance to boat
  • Weather forecast
  • Trips
  • Trip
  • Helm
  • Movement notification

My Yacht App is packed with features so you can enjoy and share your boating experiences

  • Track And Share Your Trips

    See all the places you've been, when you visited and how far you've travelled. Share your trips with friends.

  • Locate Your Boat

    Know exactly where your boat is any time day or night

  • Movement Alerts

    Get a notification to your phone when your boat moves

  • Weather Forecasts

    The current weather as well as 8 hour and 7 day weather forecasts for your boat's current location

How it Works


Download The App

Our delightful app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded here. Use it in demo mode to check out all the features.


Get Our Satellite Tracker

Our satellite tracker uses GPS and low Earth orbit satellites from Globalstar so you get great coverage wherever you take your boat.


Install The Tracker

Use the mounting kit we provide to install the satellite tracker on your boat. We recommend connecting it to your boat's supply but you can also use batteries.


You're Good To Go!

Login in to the app and you're done. Now you can see where your boat is, view and share all your trips, get movement alerts and check out the local weather.


The Boat Owner

Fit your boat with our satellite tracker and stay connected with her on and off the water whether you are in the office or travelling on business.

You can also stay connected with your boat if you lend her to friends and family or rent her out.

The Experienced Sailor

You might not own a yacht but instead rent bare boats from around the world.

Keep our satellite tracker in your sailing bag, switch it on as soon as you are on the water and start tracking your adventures.

The Boat Syndicate

No need to argue any more about the trips each syndicate member has been on, the distance they've travelled and the fuel they've used.

Fit one satellite tracker to the boat and give access to the boat's cruising records to each syndicate member.

The Charter Company

Bare boat charterers are concerned that every crew & boat is safe when the bad weather hits and want to ensure every vessel will be back on time for changeover at the end of the week.

Fit each boat with a satellite tracker and keep a check on each one of them for peace of mind.

The Flotilla Manager

It is not always an easy task for the flotilla manager to locate each boat in the flotilla - especially with inexperienced crews.

A satellite tracker per boat in the flotilla gives the manager real-time access to each boat's location.

The Flotilla Sailor

Have you ever tried to give your exact location to the base manger when you need help navigating?

With a My Yacht App satellite tracker onboard you can give access to the base manager and relax. On top of this, you will be able to keep a record of your trips and adventures on your phone.



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  • Free App Download
  • Customised App For Your Boat
  • Your Own Satellite Tracker
  • Distance And Direction To Your Boat
  • Permanent Record Of Your Trips
  • Notifications When Your Boat Moves
  • Up To 10 Users
  • Single Boat


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  • Free App Download
  • Customised Apps For Your Boats
  • Your Own Satellite Tracker
  • Distance And Direction To Your Boats
  • Permanent Record Of Your Trips
  • Notifications When Your Boats Move
  • Unlimited Users
  • Multiple Boats & Flotilla View
  • I get a message on my phone when my kids take out our boat. It's great to know she's being used by the family and where she is!

    John, Worcester
  • I was in the pub last night and wanted to describe our recent trip to the Channel Islands. The app had all the details - where we stayed and the route we took.

    Steve, London
  • I love checking on the weather where my boat is moored in St. Barts. The app gives me the current conditions and 8 hour and 7 day forecasts. Excellent.

    Emmanuel, Paris

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Download our app here then click on the 'Start Tracking' button in the app. There you can buy a My Yacht App Satellite Tracker.

Can I give someone else access to see my boat?

You can easily add extra users for your boat. In the app tap on the menu icon on the Helm page. There you'll see an 'Edit Users' button. Note: only available for the main app user. Other users can't add or edit users.

Will it work at sea without mobile phone reception?

Absolutely. Our system relies on GPS and low Earth orbit satellites from Globalstar to fix your position meaning our satellite tracker gets a signal almost anywhere in the world.

Can I use the tracker if my boat isn't moored in the UK?

Yes - our tracker works almost anywhere in the world. It doesn't use cell phone towers so isn't limited by mobile phone coverage. Instead it uses Globalstar satellites to send data back to us.

How much power does the satellite tracker use?

The tracker can run off 4 AAA batteries that last for a few months so it doesn't use much power. We recommend connecting it up to your boat's 12 volt supply using the wires we provide.

Can I put the satellite tracker anywhere on my boat?

It's important that the top side of the tracker faces towards the sky, and it's best to avoid placing behind metal panels. Under fibreglass works just fine.

How big is the satellite tracker?

It's about the size of a large matchbox. Dimensions 6.8cm x 5.1cm x 2.1 cm. Weight 88 grams.

How often is my boat's position updated?

When your boat is moving we update its location every 5 minutes. We have a minimum movement distance so the location isn't updated when your boat is swinging at anchor or on a mooring - to reduce the power usage and prevent false movement alerts.

When do I receive movement alerts?

We send alerts when your boat starts a new trip. We wait a while - normally 8 hours - between trips. So if you stop off for lunch for an hour we won't send an alert when you set off again. You'll also need to make sure you've enabled notifications in the app - check by tapping the menu icon on the Helm page of the app.

Can I switch off movement alerts?

Simply tap the menu icon on the Helm page of the app. There you can toggle on / off the movement alerts.

Can I track more than one boat?

Yes, it's easy to track multiple boats and switch between boats in the app. Please contact us and we'll set this up for you.

Is the satellite tracker waterproof?

Yes, it's rated at IPx7- 1m underwater for up to 30 minutes. It's also humidity rated to MIL-STD-810F and vibration rated per SAE J1455.

Can I cancel when I want?

Yes - simply cancel the payments or send us an email and we'll cancel your subscription at any time. No minimum period.

Is my data secure?

We use bank-grade security for sending and receiving all your data. Your data is stored in resilient, redundant data centres used by some of the world's largest companies.

What happens if I delete the app by accident?

Simply re-install the app and login with your email and the password we created for you when you signed up. If you've forgotten this click 'Forgot Password' and we'll reset it and send you the new password via email.

How long have you been testing this for?

We've been testing and improving the system since summer 2015 and our app has tracked thousands of miles of trips.

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